What is Korean Hapkido?

Korean Hapkido is a form of martial arts with various defense techniques such as cracking, throwing, hitting, stabbing, and kicking. In Korea, Yongsul Choi, the founder of Korean Hapkido, popularized Hapkiyusul since 1945. Today, Korean Hapkido has spread throughout the world after being redefined in Korea. The basic techniques of Korean Hapkido are consist of breathing, kicking, fist, and general technique(sulgi). The general technique(sulgi) is a key technique in Hapkido, and it is aimed at self-defense by using force in the body and using the opponent's muscle, bone, force, acupuncture point. Sulgi is consist of hitting, kicking, breaking(like Kansetsu-waza in judo), throwing. Additionally, each techniques can be mixed together and used interchangeably. This is the battle-like (sparring) nature of Korean Hapkido.